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The essence of any alumni association is to help former students get into a new way of life. When the time to graduate from college comes, many students panic and forget what they have to do. However, alumni associations focus not only on student support. The verity of their functions is impressive indeed.

1. Former students can share their experience with current students and explain what steps should be taken to achieve success:

2. Academic achievements of current members are in college use;

3. The members of alumni organizations have jobs in different spheres of life and connections of these people may be rather beneficial for a college.

4. Different generations may analyze the college’s achievements and share their ideas

5. Financial aid that comes from alumni organizations is usually appreciated by college staff and students;

6. Personal experience, living conditions and educative methods-are the hottest themes for students discussions and members of associations may contribute to these discussions;

7. Alumni organization may promote the development of different events, social meetings and movements which aim at improving education communication and work.

8. Members of organizations are future parents, this is why colleges may get some kind or assurance of future students.

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