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The cultural committee is one of the most dedicated platforms whose main motive is to find our inner talent and abilities.

A true artist is not the one who is inspired but the one who inspire others.

The cultural committee every year participates in many events and secures podiums and prizes in several tests, events and competitions.

Committee Members

1) Prof.Smt. Sujata Kabbinad

2) Prof. Mallikarjun M.

At the college level we first organize different cultural activities like Rangoli, Mehandi, Singing, Dance, Mimicry, Drama. Best students are selected and enrolled for youth festival.

This year youth festival was held at Akkamahadevi womens college Bagalkot. In that our 40 students have been participated and in 5 different events they secured first, second and third prizes. In debate our students got first prize, in quiz second prize and for collage and folk orchestra they got third prize.

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